• Science in Motion

    At TRICKLABOR we love science and we love film. We have produced films for some of Europe’s biggest research facilities.

  • Innovations Explained

    With our animations everyone will understand and appreciate your latest ideas, technological advances or superior products.

What we offer

TRICKLABOR make films and animations for science and technology.

If you work in science, medicine, technology or engineering and want to communicate your ideas visually you have come to the right place.

We can take your project from the first idea right through to the finished project. But, of course, we can also assist you specifically at any stage of your project.

  • Corporate videos
  • Science films
  • Animations for scientific talks and presentations
  • Video content for exhibitions
  • Technical animations for product presentations
  • Advice and concepts for visual content
  • Project planning and supervision
  • Script development and research
  • Film production
  • 3D and 2D animation


Our combination of a scientific background and years of experience in design and filmmaking allows for a deeper understanding of subject-matter, smoother communication and better looking results.

We ask the right questions, know the pitfalls and can develop concepts that play nice with the desired budget.